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How long should your keratin hair treatment last?

A Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment should last minimum 3 months as long as you maintain it correctly. Using the wrong products and swimming in the ocean without a serum will reduce the lifespan on your treatment.

Some are lucky they can get 6 months out of a treatment, it is possible but not realistic for everybody.


My favourite Keratin treatment

When we opened up in 2008 the first keratin treatment we used was the Global keratin.

That was one of the first ones to come out and it gave clients great results. They eventually changed the ingredients and now it's weak and does not really work.

That's when we switched to Brazilian Blowout, which is the worlds most popular treatment.

It takes about 60-80 mins to do a Brazilian Blowout. Keratin treatments take about 2-3 hours. Issues we experienced with keratin is that the hair would get oily. You will not have this issue with the brazilian blowout.