Why You Need a Brazilian Blowout (Your Hair Will Thank You!)

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Hair Straightening Solutions: The Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout

By now, you've heard of the hair straightening solution that has dazzled heads of hair and taken the industry by storm. Discover why the Brazilian Blowout

Have you long dreamed of having silky and luxurious hair like some of your favourite celebrities?

Tired of spending what feels like forever in the morning trying to tame your dry, frizzy tresses? 

If you're considering a professional hair straightening treatment, we strongly suggest that you go with a Brazilian blowout

What makes it better than other treatments on the market today -- and is it right for your hair? 

Read on to find out.  

1. It's Fast

You've tried other hair straightening methods in the past, like Keratin treatments, and you just weren't happy with all the rules you had to abide by to keep the results. 

Waiting three days to be able to wash your hair? Not being able to put it in a ponytail directly after treatment? No thanks! 

With a Brazilian blowout, you can wash and put up your hair whenever you'd like. The entire treatment is started and finished in the salon. 

So, hit the gym or try out that trendy new hairstyle without having to wait.

2. It's A Safer Hair Straightening Option Than Other Treatments 

Looking for an option that's much less harsh than some of the other chemical hair straightening techniques on the market? 

Concerned about breakage, dry hair, and damage to your strands? 

A Brazilian hair treatment is a much safer option that won't dry out or damage your hair. Your hair will also keep its natural volume, and you can customize the exact look you want. 

3. It Works on All Hair Types

Whether you have curly, wavy, frizzy, straight, or kinky hair, you're a good candidate for a Brazilian blowout. 

In just about an hour and a half, you'll leave the salon with the look you've always wanted -- but never really thought you could ever get. 

4. It Penetrates Your Hair

What really makes the Brazilian blow dry so effective is that it deeply penetrates your hair, as opposed to just coating your hair and sitting on top of the strands. 

The treatment is directly absorbed into your hair's cuticle, and it happens instantly. Plus, unlike Keratin treatments, which harden your hair, Brazilian blowouts soften it.

5. It Won't Fade Colour

Unlike many other hair treatments, a Brazilian blow dry will note fade your colour. In fact, it can be applied right after you've had your hair coloured. 

It will also help your hair to stay healthy, since it conditions your hair with amino acids and seals your cuticles at the same time. For those who frequently colour their hair, this is a must. 

Book Your Brazilian Blowout with Us

We hope that this post has helped you to understand why you should opt for a Brazilian hair straightening treatment. 

How long does a Brazilian blowout last? As long as you use the right products to care for it, you can enjoy the results for up to 12 weeks after your appointment. 

It's much less time-consuming -- and even more cost-effective -- than other treatments. 

What are you waiting for? 

Book your Brazilian blowout appointment with us today, and get ready to wow everyone with your silky and smooth tresses.