Avoid wasting money and time on Cudo's, Groupon, Daily deals
or any voucher system that makes you pay for the service before you have seen any results. If you check the background of the salons selling them you will see what we mean, they are awful and have a poor reputation, they need to sell cheap vouchers to have any chance of having clients, cause all their regular clients have gone elsewhere. They have a "Going out of business" vibe to them.

They use cheap, unbranded, diluted treatments and in some cases will use chemical relaxers which burn the hair.
Do not let cheap prices impress you, the treatment they use on you is very cheap and diluted.
They will not offer you a cheap deal and give you a high quality product. You will be basically paying them to ruin your hair, the old saying is You pay for what you get.

Voucher deals have no real value, it's just a false representation of the service, salons that have failed to generate any interest opt for the online voucher route, they are not offering you a great keratin treatment, there only "Selling" you a cheap voucher knowing the cheap price will make you buy before you even researched the salon thus its to late to save your money once you have found out that they have so many complaints.
(Remember you have to pay before you have it done, it should be the other way around)

It has been reported in the press countless times.